Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pulp of the Day - "Soft Bodies for the Nazi's Hall of the Living Dead!"

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I love the character on the right grasping the victim's thigh.


Mykal said...

Panavia999: Personally, I'd like a bit more info on "Seperate sin: Suburbia's Latest Craze." Also, only MAN'S STORY ever had the courage to cataloge the Sex Habits That Can Smash Your Life! What ever happened to informative publications like this? Life really was better back in the fifites. -- Mykal

panavia999 said...

No more entertaining pulp publications about sex & sin because it's all on the Oprah and Montel shows and others of that ilk.
When I was 12, my favorite magazine was "Fate" the 'zine of the supernatural and unexplained. I loved it, but didn't believe it. I used to send off for all the occult supply catalogs.