Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It was a fun Labor Day

I may - or may not - have saved this spunky gopher from the Jaws of Death...
Girly is a tiny cat and an excellent hunter. Gophers are like mini beavers - all teeth, and very feisty. Girly had a hard time delivering the coup de grace because the gopher was fighting back. The gopher did not appear to be seriously wounded so I put it under a woodpile to recover. It was such a spunky lil' bastard I thought it deserved a second chance. (Of course, if there was a gopher snake under the woodpile, I didn't do the gopher any favor.) Mind, if the gopher had been the little digging demon of the lettuce patch who ate a row of parsley, I would have cheerfully delivered the coup de grace myself!
The camera amplifies all the background noise, but you can hear the gopher chattering his teeth. So cute!

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