Monday, September 7, 2009

Charles Laughton, The Great Ham

This is a very cute, fluffy, highly enjoyable film where Laughton plays a distinguished stage actor and even greater ham. Maybe he played himself.


Mykal said...

Panavia999: I love the way after he comes off stage, where his farewell to the audience gushes melodrama in the grand style, his manner in speaking the crew and cast is the exact same. Ham. But very lovable.

Cool post -- Mykal

panavia999 said...

Thanks for giving it a look see. This seems to be an under-rated film. Throughout the film, laughton gives Deanna Durbin's character lots of good advice to channel her own hamminess into a stage acting like his. Laughton is very funny throughout.

Juliette. said...

Hahaha-- marvelous, thanks for sharing. He was great.

Gloria said...

Oh, he wasn't parodying himself more than he parodied other great contemporary hams, or the figure of the actor-producer which he had known illustrious samples during his youth. He conscietiously hams the character up, and does it with love, humour, and a deep knowledge of the type.

I love the character he plays as he is as theatrical onstage as he is in private life, as in the scene where he learns through the press that the Durbin Character is unwell (I won't spoil how) and he makes an over-dramatic exit... Also there's that long relationship with his butler (a very funny Donald Meek) which isn't free of, hum, a smattering of gay subtext.

I agree it's an underrated film... It may not be on the "Citizen Kane" league of film masterworks, sure, but it's an agreeable, solid comedy, and the cast is excellent


panavia999 said...

Thanks for the input and thanks for visiting. I like your blog and shall follow it with interest.