Friday, September 4, 2009

The Big Book Of Lesbian Horse Stories

"When these Sapphic sisters saddle up, ecstasy is only a heartbeat away."

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Won't this perpetuate the myth that women like to ride astride for the - ahem - stimulating effects?


Mykal said...

Dear Panavia999: Yes - indeed it will. Not that the myth needs any assistance in its eternal perpetuation. It seems to have a life of it's own with stories passed down from generation to generation.

What a fantastic cover! -- Mykal

Mykal said...

Dear Panavia999: I can't help but comment: I went to the abebooks site you have hyperlinked here and was struck with abebooks "Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!" statement near the book's title. Oh, yeah.

Whoa, horsey! -- Mykal

panavia999 said...

HA HA! "stories passed down from generation to generation". Passed down mostly by men I suspect. They want to believe it's true about women riding astride.

panavia999 said...

Aha! A coworker who raised her family in Mexico said it's considered very bad for young girls to ride bicycle or astride horses after puberty -damages the reproductive organs. She doesn't personally believe this, but it's a very common belief. That's what they used to say when women started riding bikes in the 1800's. I asked my co-worker because there are lots of mexicans in my area. While the men ride bikes to work, women always walk. It's very rare to see an adolescent mexican girl on a bicycle.

Mykal said...

Dear Panavia999: I also have heard that in previous generations when young girls were "discovered" not to be virgins, they would often blame horseback riding as the culprit (one has to think this through a bit). Wither this was actually believed or simply accepted with a nod and wink, I can't say. This may also explain a parent’s discouragement of equestrian pursuits, as in passed generations, particularly in Latin American cultures; great importance was placed on a young girl’s “pure” nature and status.

Although, considering the rebellious nature of most young men and women, one would think parents, anticipating the inevitable, would privately encourage horse back riding, as it would supply a “discovered” young girl with a ready-made explanation – Mykal