Saturday, October 24, 2009

Belle Baker Sings "Blue Moon"

My favorite version of this song. ENJOY!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arnold Friberg's Famous RCMP Paintings

Arnold Freiberg did a series of paintings for the Northwest Paper company calendars for the printing trade that was very popular.  The paper company wanted to prove the quality of their paper and its ability to hold gorgeous colors so the company chose the subject of the mounties in their iconic red jackets and the beautiful landscapes of the Canadian wilderness.  (Surely one of the great marketing moves of all time.)

Spring Time in The North

"Maintaining the Right"
This painting was commissioned by the RCMP.

Just for fun, let's not forget Nelson Eddy, the best singing Mountie!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poem o' the Week


DARK, deep, and cold the current flows
Unto the sea where no wind blows,
Seeking the land which no one knows.

O'er its sad gloom still comes and goes
The mingled wail of friends and foes,
Borne to the land which no one knows.

Why shrieks for help yon wretch, who goes
With millions, from a world of woes,
Unto the land which no one knows?

Though myriads go with him who goes,
Alone he goes where no wind blows,
Unto the land which no one knows.

For all must go where no wind blows,
And none can go for him who goes;
None, none return whence no one knows.

Yet why should he who shrieking goes
With millions, from a world of woes,
Reunion seek with it or those?

Alone with God, where no wind blows,
And Death, his shadow—doom'd, he goes.
That God is there the shadow shows.

O shoreless Deep, where no wind blows!
And thou, O Land which no one knows!
That God is All, His shadow shows.

-Ebenezer Elliott. 1781–1849

Friday, October 9, 2009

Black Bart - Jersey Giant Chicken

Black Bart is the young rooster.  He's almost three months old and supposedly could weigh 12 pounds when mature.  I feed him enough nutritious food - he'd better get huge. 
The problem is that General Patton is so agressive we fear for Black Bart's well being. They are always separated. Should General Patton become a Sunday dinner with dumplings?

Chickens Meet Bobcat

Why are the young chickens hiding in the tall grass at 4:00 in the afternoon?    A bobcat came out of the brush at the end of the yard and was stalking them.  The cats ran away, the rabbit jumped around in her cage and the chickens hunkered down in a clump of timothy grass. I shot the bob cat THREE times with the BB gun before it left. It jumped in the air and made a 360° summersault. Very funny, too bad I didn't get that on video! The chicks usually let me herd them around the yard, but I could not lead them back to the coop, so I picked them up two at a time and locked them up. All is well. I hope the bobcat doesn't become a pest, it's a gorgeous animal and it's probably easier to shoot than trap.