Saturday, February 13, 2010

Peter Lorre's great scene in "Confidential Agent" (1945)

"Confidential Agent" based on a Graham Greene novel has some typical Hollywood quirks: Charles Boyer , Peter Lorre and Katina Paxinou as spanish agents with, respectively, french, hungarian and greek accents. Lauren Bacall provides great eye candy in her third film role.  However, it's the great acting chops of Boyer, Lorre and Paxinou who make this film great entertainment.


Herald7 said...

Great clip! More drama students should be encouraged to watch Peter Lorre's body of work. ;)

panavia999 said...

You are correct Herald7. Lorre was extremely versatile and always compelling.
Thanks for stopping by.

Herald7 said...

No problem! Here is my Peter Lorre Blog entry, if you like. :)