Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Night of the Incinerator - Part 1

When it comes to burning trash, we don't fool around. Long ago, the incinerator was a 300 gallon fuel tank. Now it is a rusted hulk of its former self, serving well as a burn barrel. Here we toss in an old can of silicon lube. In the background, there is an illuminated window with a silhouette. That silhouette is a grim reaper decoration which I put up on Halloween a few years ago and never took down. Enjoy.


Mykal said...

Pavania999: "That's not what I thought it would do." I love that.

Wow - industrial strength! -- Mykal

James said...

That is PRETTY. And I love the fact that you put up a Grim Reaper decoration last Halloween and never took it down. Rock. Hope all is well with you. :o)

panavia999 said...

Thank you Mykal and James for your nice feedback.
James, I have no idea what the neighbors think but I've also had three giant fuzzy spiders on the front gate for a over a year.